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Facilities Provided

Facilities Provided

Arrangement can be made to carter for the need of the visitors especially arrangement for food and drinks for those who would like to go for an outdoor activities. There are a few village shops either operated by the Homestay participants or by the other village folk where some basic requirement are available. No public phone is available, however handphone can be use at some spots within the vicinity of the longhouse but the reception is rather poor. The rental of vehicles especially 4 X 4 wheel drive & outboard engine & boats are available at negotiable price. Guides for those who wish to explore the Great Caves & other outdoors activity are also available.

  Contact Person
c/o National Park Headquarters (+ 6085 737 450 / 737 454)
c/o Miri Visitors' Information (+ 6085 434 181)
Tr. Patrick Libau (019-8052415 / 085-738233)
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